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Breaking the boundaries of imaging





​Medical Institution Doctor

​In-hospital medical image and patient information integrated management

​Image reading and reading result

Reading request and remote reading result confirmation

radiology specialist

View shared medical images and related documents

Remote reading and writing of reading results

Immediate delivery of reading results to the requesting hospital

Separate video viewing rights for each user 

Remote reading between partner organizations

Create custom forms

Most of the evaluation results can be collected with 13 Q&A types, so you can create a form suitable for the research manager's intentions.

document type

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​Inspection information document

Directly input the patient's test information or manage data that helps in reading by linking with the hospital's medical information system.

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read request

It contains information such as imaging, patient visits, and purpose of reading, conveying the purpose of the reading request, and assisting radiologists with remote reading.

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reading result sheet

It stores and manages the results of medical institution doctors' readings and radiology specialists' remote readings in a uniform structure.

With various formatting tools 

Structured document management for each purpose


I-Rapha View, a software that stores, enlarges, reduces and harmonizes medical images, and analyzes and transmits them, displays the DICOM format images transmitted from the medical image transmission device.

It is a SaaS-type medical image reading web application that enables inquiry using the web standard method (HTML5).

​ Patient information is not left on the PC, and medical images can be viewed through a web browser.

Supports a wide range of imaging workflows.

Patient examination information management

In-hospital medical information system linked with w-Teresa retrieves patient information and examination information related to medical images and manages them by department.

System order management

It supports the creation of more accurate medical images by comparing the image shooting order of the in-hospital medical information system with the patient image list.

In conjunction with the in-hospital medical information system

​Inspection and order management

Medical data and user status can be monitored

admin page

  • You can inquire statistics such as medical data storage trend by period, accumulated capacity, reading status, and the number of registered users.

  • The medical data manager can adjust the user's medical data inquiry right according to the division of work, such as in-hospital medical personnel and remote reading doctors.

  • You can register and manage medical devices and medical information systems that produce and manage medical data to be imported into w-Teresa. 

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