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customized workflow
w-Teresa use cases


Cloud PACS

  • We offer a variety of pricing options depending on the size of your medical institution.

  • ​ Cloud-based management of medical image information by interworking with in-hospital medical equipment and medical information systems without an installation server.


remote reading

  • It provides a remote reading system with partner institutions by interworking with the PACS of medical institutions.

  • ​We provide an automated system that selects images to be read remotely from the PACS of medical institutions and requests them to be read.


Cloud PACS-based remote reading

  • ​The Remote Medical Reading Center manages the requested hospital's reading request image based on the cloud.
    The reading results are delivered to each medical institution through the remote reading system.


AI Algorithm Linked Remote Reading

  • w-Teresa expands the image reading system by linking with AI analysis solutions.

  • ​ Radiologists use AI analytics solutions as reading aids.

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